Friday, October 05, 2007

Game Boy Advance - An essay from my son

This is an essay written by my 11 years old son as one of his academic exercises for his 6th grade Reading/Writing class.

Many people might say that their greatest gift was an instrument. I think my Gameboy Advance would be my greatest gift. A Gameboy rarely takes you up in life, but why choose it? It is a tool used for entertainment and most elders shun it. However, can you take, let’s say, a baritone in the car and play it? Maybe, but it be risky and cause some damage to the instrument. The Gameboy is different. You can take it anywhere because it is portable, ready to play. (That is, if your batteries are charged!)

I first got my Gameboy Advance when I was 6 years old. I saw it in a commercial, so I bugged my mom to get it for me. She refused the first time, but couldn’t stand nagging. I told my dad too and it seemed like my dad was going to agree with my mom.

“Mom, it’s called a Gameboy because it’s a game for boys,” I remember saying to her at our old house’s kitchen.

Finally, one day when I was watching PBS on TV, my dad came in and opened a bag. Inside it was a Gameboy Advance. I was really happy. Only problem was that it was pink, and my favorite color at the time was red. Now my dad is NOT colorblind. However to tease me, he told me it was red. Now if I had known you could actually return things, I would have told my dad to get another color, but I was too exited. (Later I would know that pink was the only color there!) Plus, I didn’t care for the moment because I wanted to see what game was included.

The game included was Super Mario Bros. I did not read the manual, but I learned as I played. Now, over the years, I now have 5-6 games, for my Gameboy.

The system is more than a game. It is a reminder of my naughtiness and my old house. Sometimes, when we go to parties or long car rides, I bring my Gameboy to entertain myself and rid myself of boredom. Those long gloomy, foggy nights are no longer dull, only what exist are captivating journeys to faraway places of suspense, mystery, and adventure. The game captures you into a climax, and you must find a way to get out of it. Usually, I play my favorite game, Pokemon: FireRed Version.

These are the reasons why my Gameboy is my favorite gift. I always remember those action packed games, soothing all your worries, and leaving a new one behind: How to win the game!

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