Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shadowtongue - A poem by a sixth grader

This is a poem that my son wrote for Communication class assignment in 6th grade this year. Everyone has to recite a poem loud in the class. The poem could either be theirs or written by others. He did write his. This is about a villain character of a novel that he is currently writing. Please read and comment. Thank you.

The moon-light in the blood-stained sky,
Show shadows from the things that lie,
And from the depths of all true evil,
Comes from the time of the medieval.

He brings terror to everyone he knows,
He'll bring shivers down to your toes.
His minions aren't very mortal,
Their true, black shape is very immortal.

Words come out of his ill-shaped mouth,
Giving people and creatures no reason to doubt,
That he is commanding, ordering, summoning,
And to the creatures who don't obey,
There is a lot of punishing.

But one day, he shall be challenged,
And the lives that have been slain by him will be avenged.
The boy that will challenge, will have courage,
But he will also be able to speak the vile language.

But until that day, the fiend will live,
And until the Gods frown, and justice they give,
Shadows shall hide, and he shall rule-

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நிலாரசிகன் said...

Excellent! Wishes to your kid.