Friday, November 09, 2007

My personal letter to Thinnai Editor

Dear Thinnai Editor,

Vanakam. The following is not for publication but for your personal view only. I may publish this letter in my blog. I have seen letters exonerating Thinnai from publishing the crap of Hindutva fascists and attacking me for my objections. Expectedly most of the letters are from Hindutva Fundamentals like Jataayu, SK, Jayakumar etc. Anyway, I am fine with Thinnai publishing these letters. I read only Mr. K.R. Mani's letter whose writings I read regularly in Thinnai and like for his honest views. However, Thinnai may be under the impression that it is doing some service to Tamils by encouraging such writers like Malarmannan, Aravindhan etc while banning people like Roza Vasanth for abusive writings. If Roza Vasanth had to be banned for abusive writings in Thinnai, how are you sure, none of Aravindhan's writings were abusive enough for being banned in Thinnai. Also, Some may also think that I was harsh on Jeyaraman and I have no right to talk about harshness in writing. Of course, I will be harsh on people who have to be treated that way. If thinnai had shown some care in properly editing Jeyaraman's letter, there was no need for me to be harsh on Thinnai or Jeyaraman. I consider religious fundamentals and criminals in the same scale. If Thinnai allows an attack on Vaasanthi by Jeyaraman using phrases like "Avaloda Raavukal", I dont mind exposing people like Jeyaraman with equal harsh words. But, Thinnai is the one who put Jeyaraman and me on the same scale saying both letters were edited. Its like placing the thief and the police in the same scale. Thanks for that stand. Anyway, As I have mentioned in my last blog post, I am not going to continue the debate in Thinnai. I still have faith in Thinnai editors' conscience. So, I continue to address you only with my views. However, I hope you have read my last blog post and if so please consider (if you think its not your duty to reply) about How Malarmannan is continuously allowed in Thinnai to write no-proof based stories that were not recorded anywhere (which is against the stand announced by you in 2002).

As expected most of the letters to Thinnai are from party lines. However, there were few writers who regularly write in Thinnai but who do not take part much in the partisan debates of Thinnai. They wrote some personal letters to me. Its not ethically right for me to share their names with you. However, I can share the contents of the letters with you without mentioning their names. I am sharing these with you not to prove that I too have support for my stand. I have no problems in telling my views even if I am the lonely voice. You know it very well. I am sharing these because, you will know the views of silent and unbiased readers of Thinnai this way. I have given the contents of those letters below. In summary, I want to tell Thinnai Editors the following: "In your over political enthusiasm in giving space to politicians and religious fundamentals, dont lose real artists and readers who come to Thinnai for other purposes."

Letter 1:

My Dear Sivakumar,

Thanks for your bold letters to Thinnai. U have represented our voice.

..... also appreciated u.

with love,

Letter 2:
Dear Sivakumar,


I read yr blog matter on Thinnai. I fully agree with yr views. Sometimes I too have felt like forgetting writing in thinnai.


Letter 3

This letter was written directly to Vaasanthi. The person has sent me a copy of the letter separately. I am not giving the entire letter below. But giving only the relevant portions.
ஐடி திண்ணையில் எடுத்துக் கொண்டேன்.
உங்க‌ளுக்காக‌ இந்த‌ இத‌ழ் திண்ணையில் பொதும‌ட‌லிட்ட‌ பிகேஎஸ் ஸிற்கு ந‌ன்றி
இனிய தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துகள்.


Update: Nov 9, 2007 2:21 PM EST
I have forgotten to include the below in my original to Thinnai Editor as the letter below was addressed to my other email id. I am including it here for recording purposes now.

Fourth Letter
படித்தேன். இந்த வரிகள் "ஓ" பக்கங்களில்
ஞாநீ எழுதியது.
//ஹிலாலிகளும் வேதாந்திகளும்தான் சமூகத்தை விபத்துக்களில் தள்ளுகிறார்கள்//
அதீத மத அபிமானம், அதன் ஊடாய் சாதி பிரேமை இவை எல்லாம்
இந்து மதமானாலும் எனக்கு ஒவ்வாமைதான்

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